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2023 Leisure Partnership Opportunities

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6 2022 Partnership Opportunities Photo & video asset creation co-op Tourism Winnipeg offers a co-op fund to create stunning photo and video footage to be used in promoting Winnipeg as a desirable meeting and convention destination. Certain qualifications apply Campaign (limit up to $5,000) Cost is dependent on scope of video or photo shoot Social video package Join the trend and highlight your business through short form vertical video, tapping into Tourism Winnipeg's engaged digital audiences. Audience overview (followers) Instagram 68,000 Tiktok 5,600 Youtube 5,000 The package includes: » On-location vertical video content gathering by Tourism Winnipeg. » One 20-45s edited video posted to Tourism Winnipeg's Instagram Reels, Tiktok and Youtube Shorts. » An in-feed Instagram Reel static post on Tourism Winnipeg's timeline. $600 Includes $100 paid promotion. Limited spots available. Content partnerships 2023 Partnership opportunities Social media bundle Unlock access to Tourism Winnipeg's robust audience through Facebook, Instagram and Messenger with a paid social media post. Our social media team will work with you to create an engaging message to resonate with your audience. Combined, our Facebook and Instagram channels have 163,500 followers. Audience overview (followers) Facebook 95,500 Instagram 68,000 Promoted post Light Runs for one week $300 Robust Runs for two weeks $750

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