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How to get here Approximate Driving Distance to Winnipeg road distance (km) road distance (mi) Brandon, MB 200 Grand Forks, ND 143 Regina, SK 574 Fargo, ND 217 Saskatoon, SK 777 Bismarck, ND 405 Edmonton, AB 1,302 Sioux Falls, SD 457 Calgary, AB 1,329 Pierre, SD 597 Vancouver, BC 2,372 Minneapolis, MN 460 Thunder Bay, ON 702 Sioux City, IA 543 Toronto, ON 2,079 Omaha, NE 641 Ottawa, ON 2,171 Kansas City, MO 813 Montréal, QC 2,291 Billings, MT 815 Québec City, QC 2,535 Chicago, IL 858 conversion 1 km = 0.62 mile Located in the geographical centre of Canada and North America, Winnipeg is a culturally diverse, creative and thriving prairie city. Home to more than 778,000 residents, it is known for its warm and welcoming spirit. WINNIPEG | EVERYTHING YOU WANT Beluga Encounter Day 1: Start your trip exploring the vibrant Exchange District and historic Forks area in Winnipeg. Stroll the river promenade and the scenic Esplanade Riel Bridge and see why they call it the River City. Visit Canada's newest national museum, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the only national museum located outside of the nation's capital whose architecture and galleries will leave you in awe. Day 2: Board Calm Air for your northbound flight to Churchill where you'll sample regional cuisine like Arctic Char, caribou, or "Tundra Tea" come evening at one of the many local restaurants. Day 3: Discover Churchill's legacy on a Cultural and Historical Tour that explores the town's local attractions like Cape Merry, the Port of Churchill and the Polar Bear Compound. Later on, the magic really happens when you embark on a three-hour boat tour to view the pods of beluga whales. These magnificent, playful creatures migrate along the coast of Hudson Bay, and thousands may be in the mouth of the Churchill River at any one time. The boat tour also makes a stop for an interpretive tour at the historic Fort Prince of Wales. Day 4: Enjoy some free time to visit the Parks Canada display and sample a pastry at the renowned Gypsy Bakery. From there, check out the Eskimo Museum which houses the world's largest collection of Inuit artifacts dating from pre-Dorset, Dorset, Thule and modern Inuit times. The afternoon sees you on a half-day Roads and Trails tour into the legendary areas outside of Churchill where you may spot ptarmigan, arctic fox, snowy owl, and possibly even caribou or a polar bear! Day 5: Start your day with a second excursion with the Sea Canaries of the North on a two-hour zodiac tour where you'll get up-close with the friendly belugas! After this final northern excursion you'll fly back to Winnipeg and have an overnight stay at The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel by Lakeview, a 4-star hotel located at the Winnipeg Airport. July and August departures available. 1.800.661.3830 The Great Canadian Travel Company summer tour to the north will introduce you to the flora, fauna and history of one of Manitoba's most unique towns – a place where migrating beluga whales fill the mouth of the Churchill River and where the history of the Hudson's Bay Company comes to life. Exchange District: Exchange District BIZ Beluga Whales: Travel Manitoba Canadian Museum for Human Rights: Aaron Cohen The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel by Lakeview

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