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5 0 Economic Development Winnipeg brand guide Writing style Titles » Use title case for formal titles before a name. Director of Marketing Tyler Walsh » Titles after a name are capitalized. Dayna Spiring, EDW's President & CEO » When referencing someone by only their title, use lower case. The president is ready for the Whiteout » When referencing someone's full title and department, capitalize every word. Dayna Spiring, President & CEO, Economic Development Winnipeg » When referencing a team within EDW organization, use title case for name but sentence case team EDW's Business Development team, YES! Winnipeg. » When referencing titles of EDW events, strategies, campaigns: see Capitalization Writing with sensitivity around Indigenous people and topics (style guide courtesy: The Tyee, January 2020) * » Capitalize Indigenous in all occurrences when referring to Indigenous Peoples. Avoid pan-Indigenous terms when a more specific word applies. Do not refer to an Indigenous person with terms they would not use themselves. Ask. Do not use "Canada's Indigenous people"- Canada doesn't own them. Use "Indigenous Peoples in Canada" » Be aware of colonial language relating to agency when discussing Indigenous issues, i.e., "allow," "grant" or "permit." » Avoid using: "native," "Indian," "tribe" or "band" without thoughtful consideration as to whether such terms are apt or relevant to the discussion; or unless directly signposted/ considered contextually appropriate by the Indigenous person(s) involved. While some of these terms are appropriate within specific Indigenous groups, when used generically, they at best reflect a lack of awareness, if they manage not to be directly offensive. *This section will be updated to reflect the most accepted approach to style and references. URLs When writing out a URL, never include www. Do not italicize a URL.

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