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conversion 1 km = 0.62 mile DRIVING DISTANCE TO WINNIPEG Distance (km) Brandon, MB 200 Regina, SK 574 Saskatoon, SK 777 Edmonton, AB 1,302 Calgary, AB 1,329 Vancouver, BC 2,372 Thunder Bay, ON 702 Toronto, ON 2,079 Ottawa, ON 2,171 Montréal, QC 2,291 Québec City, QC 2,535 Located in the geographical centre of Canada and North America, Winnipeg is a culturally diverse, creative and thriving prairie city. Home to more than 800,000 residents, it is known for its warm and welcoming spirit. WINNIPEG EVERYTHING YOU WANT DRIVING DISTANCE TO WINNIPEG Distance (mi) Grand Forks, ND 143 Fargo, ND 217 Bismarck, ND 405 Sioux Falls, SD 457 Pierre, SD 597 Minneapolis, MN 460 Sioux City, IA 543 Omaha, NE 641 Kansas City, MO 813 Billings, MT 815 Chicago, IL 858 O Tours - contact info here? Manitoba's original French Métis peoples are the product of unions between the French-Canadian voyageurs and Aboriginal women in the Red River Valley. Traditionally they were explorers, hunters, gatherers and fishermen, known for their ability to live off the land. Having risen from two distinct cultures, the Métis found that they did not belong to either and were often marginalized, refuting their very own unique heritage. This all changed with Louis Riel, the Métis leader and "Father of Manitoba," who led the Red River Rebellion that resulted in the formation of this province. Come see this history brought to life in St. Boniface, Winnipeg's French Quarter, where Louis Riel is buried. His grave can be found in the St. Boniface Cathedral Cemetery, which is located right beside the St. Boniface Museum where – along with Riel House National Historic Site – students will be introduced to the region's fascinating history of culture, religion and rebellion through characters like the Grey Nuns, the sturdy early pioneers, and, of course, Riel. Beyond heritage sites, Métis culture can be experienced with your taste buds and feasted upon with your eyes at several Winnipeg festivals and attractions. At Fort Gibraltar, a replica fur trading fort, costumed interpreters will relate what it was like working and living on the trap line, while Métis-inspired cuisine featuring bison, blueberries, wild rice, tourtière, bannock, pea soup and more can be savoured. Ô Tours offers full day itineraries, guided by a bilingual guide, which will immerse your group in Manitoba's rich francophone history. From the fur trade era to the present, the influence of Manitoba's Métis peoples is evident at sites around the city, defining the area as a hub for music, culture, cuisine and above all, a Joie de Vivre. DISCOVER WINNIPEG'S Metis History WITH Ô TOURS

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