Central Canada Comic Con powers up with Star Trek, Star Wars, Busey and more!

October 21, 2015 mgtourismwpg

In the wise words of Gary Busey, “Fun stands for Finally Understanding Nothing. And that’s what’s fun about fun, you don’t have to get it.”

For some attendees of Winnipeg’s Central Canada Comic Con (C4) — which takes over the RBC Convention Centre from October 30 to November 1 — this quote may ring true, because if you show up with no expectations of what you’ll see, you’ll be blown away by all that is in store.

For veterans like myself, well I’ll have my list of artists and actors to meet (including Gary and Jake Busey, of course), along with my costume ready to mingle with all the other cosplay enthusiasts.

This year I’ll be going as the log that my friend Cathy will be holding, as part of her Log Lady costume. We find it will be a fitting homage seeing as actor Carel Struyken will be there, who played the Giant on Twin Peaks (along with other popular roles like Lurch in the Adams Family films). Plus, being a clothespin, my costume choices are often limited.

Boba Fett is always big at C4 (Don's Photo/C4)

Boba Fett is always big at C4 (Don’s Photo/C4)

If you are looking for other fitting cosplay ideas you’re in luck, as there certainly is no shortage of star power at C4 to aspire to.

For Time Lord enthusiasts Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor from the legendary Doctor Who series will be there, as will everyone’s other favourite space doctors — that being Gates McFadden and Roberto Picardo, the two MDs from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, respectively.

For ‘rastling fans, you can’t beat the fact that Rob Van Dam will be there. I tell you, I’ve been following this guy’s career ever since he was flying off the top turnbuckle back in the ECW days and in my humble opinion he is right up there with Bret Hart and Winnipeg’s own Chris Jericho as the greatest technical wrestler of all time. And yes, I’m ready to argue this out in the squared circle.

Power Rangers David Yost (Blue) and Walter Jones (Black) will also be there, as will so many great voice actors including Sean Schemmel — who voices Goku in Dragon Ball Z.

Cosplayers at last year's C4 (Don's Photo/C4)

Cosplayers at last year’s C4 (Don’s Photo/C4)

There are also visionary artists in attendance who have made some of the most iconic images for the Marvel Universe and DC Comics, while you can also meet some of the creators of your favourite graphic novels.

And, how about this? Star Wars could not be hotter than right now — especially with the new The Force Awakens trailer — and C4 is bringing one of our all-time favs, Admiral Ackbar — Tim Rose. “It’s not a trap,” I swear!

I, for one, will be freaking when I meet him as he is back as Ackbar in The Force Awakens (see trailer below, and prepare to have your mind blown)

Mark my words, you will have to line up early to meet Mr. Rose because really, this guy just finished making what will surely be one of the biggest films of all time and everyone is going to want to ask him about it. Plus, his CV is stacked with puppeteering roles in some of the biggest sci-fi classics including The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth (yeah, I know, it doesn’t get any better).

Guest schedules run Friday, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m, Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Sunday 1o a.m. – 4 p.m.

Finally, for all you cosplayers like myself, you don’t want to miss the annual costume contests on Sunday — 4 p.m. adults, 3 p.m. kids — but be sure to register if you are entering beforehand (see website for details).

So fellow fans, I will see you at the RBC Convention Centre soon. Until then, purchase your tickets here.

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