Where prominent ‘Peggers Eat: Global News’ Heather Steele

July 26, 2016 Mike Green

Today we start a new series on where prominent Winnipegers eat and we’re kicking it off with a guest blog by Global News at 6 p.m. co-anchor Heather Steele.

When Heather isn’t on the air, she is out with her husband and young daughter enjoying Winnipeg’s restaurant scene. Below, she dishes on some of her favourite dining spots in The Peg:

The thing about being a born-and-raised Winnipeg girl is that your favourite places to eat in the city keep changing. Thirty-six years of going out for dinner in this city means you find new must-visit places, constantly… especially when you live in a place with a never-ending list of amazing spots.

But there are a few that never change.

Pasquale’s Ristorante & Pizzeria (109 Marion Street)

Anyone who knows me knows I can never and will never get tired of Italian food, not even for a day. When you combine it with a beergarita on a rooftop patio (Pasquale’s makes them the best), you’re pretty much describing heaven. We’ve spent so many nights with friends at this perfect spot, snacking on Pan Fritta, getting too full to move.

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My favourite memory of Pasquale’s is the night my husband turned 30. I’d thrown a big surprise party for him back at our house and while our friends all arrived and set up the party, I needed a place where I could take him for several hours without him getting suspicious.

The surprise went off perfectly, except we were both so full, we could hardly move. Plus, people commented on our garlic breath ALL night long.

Sydney’s at the Forks (1 Forks Market Road)

This has been our go-to for so many years, every time we have something to celebrate. In fact, I blame Sydney’s for not getting around to as many other restaurants as we’d like because we always end up back there. It’s partly because they change their menu each month. My husband’s on the email list, and the day the new menu shows up in his inbox, I get a note from him asking when we’re going.

WASABI on Broadway (588 Broadway)

Even with so many Sushi options in Winnipeg nowadays, we always end up back here. More than once we’ve picked up a take-out order for two and were asked if we were having a party. Nope, just for two. I wish I was kidding. Veggie Soy Roll! Order it if you haven’t!

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Nuburger (472 Stradbrook Avenue)

Sometimes you just need a burger and when you can’t agree on the spot, I find this is the perfect place. There are so many different options so everyone’s happy. You must order the truffle aioli dip to go with your fries. Actually, order two.

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