Winnipeg Food Truck Guide: 2016 Edition

May 31, 2016 Mike Green

At last count, we have officially eaten at 40 Winnipeg food trucks, including 29 during a two-day stint judging Food Truck Wars at ManyFest (which was aggressive/delicious to say the least).

This year, there are some new trucks on the street, while a couple have retired on to food truck Elysium (the origin of food trucks are Greek — it’s a fact).

Below you’ll find our comprehensive list (in alphabetical order none the less), to which we’ll add new trucks that may be joining our delicious, seemingly ever-growing fleet.

Just like 2013, 2014, 2015, Peg City Grub will retweet daily locations of all city food trucks that tweet their location to @PegCityGrub.

A Little Pizza Heaven
Their red truck offers up the same tasty, low-frills, beer friendly ‘za that is served to the young, hip set in their two storefront locations on Osborne and Portage Ave (inside the Good Will). This red fella moves around, so check their Twitter or Instagram account for locations.
Website: A Little Pizza Heaven
Twitter: @PizzaHeaven
Instagram: @alittlepizzaheaven

The Bannock Factory
With its log cabin facade, The Bannock Factory is certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing trucks on the street. They turn bannock into everything — including tortilla chips — while also using it as a base for pulled pork and dogs. You can also follow this up with a frozen banana that the Bluth family would be proud of. This summer they are doing mainly specialty events, so check the info below for locations or give them a call if you want to book them for a party.
Twitter: @BannockFactory

The Beaujena Bus
This cute yellow truck features painted scenes of a French Café and slings Louisiana-style gumbo and barbecue using only Manitoba pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef and free-run chicken.
This year they are only using the bus for catering, so be sure to call if you want to get in on all that deliciousness. #greatforaparty
Twitter: @BeaujenaBus

These folks utilize apple wood to smoke brisket and pulled shoulder which they then slather on buns with BBQ sauce, or stack in neat little containers with layers of potato salad, corn, and other barbecue-esque items.
Twitter: @BBKSBBQ

Best Meal
A brand new food truck you can find on Broadway that specializes in Middle Eastern dishes like kibbe, lamb and beef kabobs, shawarma and falafel (they also have western food like fries and burgers; its a pretty huge menu for a food truck).
*Sorry, but no contact yet nor social media info, but we’ve seen it regularly on the 300 block of Broadway.

Better than Baba’s
Ukrainian is the name of the game at Baba’s with several kinds of perogies (with multiple toppings), cabbage rolls and borscht, all served out of a handsome purple truck. Chef/owner Andrew Malitsky is from the Ukraine (he moved here when he was 14) and he uses only organic, locally milled flour to make the excellent dough, which has a toothy texture like al dente pasta. They also make outrageously good dessert perogies using sour cherries and blueberries. Regular location is 325 Broadway.
Twitter: @Betterthanbabas
Instagram: @betterthanbabas

Burgers R US
A big shiny red and black truck emblazoned with flame-kissed, hand-formed burgers, which are its specialty. It’s owned by Blair McKibbon, the same fella behind Heathy Eats, and this year he is only using the burger truck for festivals and events — the locations and dates of which you can find via the Healthy Eats Twitter account.
Twitter: @healthyeatswpg

The Churro Stop
These are handmade, hand-cut Argentinian churros, and they are the bomb — so good that they took our Judge’s Gold Award last year for “best bang for your buck” at ManyFest Food Truck Wars. The dulce de leche and bavaria cream stuffed versions are insane (I wish I was eating like six of them while writing this), while the owner is one affable fellow.
Twitter: @TheChurroStop
Instagram: @thechurrostop

Cornell Creme (ice cream bike)
Ridiculously creamy, super delicious ice cream all locally crafted by Lisa Dyck, whose own cows supply the milk. Lisa and her husband William were also just named as part of Western Living‘s “Top 40 foodies of the Year” 2016. The ingredients are always natural, while the flavours are often daring, including red wine, malty ale pail, and an incredibly good honey mustard ice cream they made three years ago that I still think of on a regular basis.
Twitter: @CornellCreme

Extreme Fries
A jazzy new graffiti look by new owner Bobbie Mack is the name of the game this summer for Extreme Fries, which you can normally find at 373 Broadway. The menu includes fries all hyped-up with all kinds of toppings like homemade chili (which they sell in jars off the truck too), along with burgers, smokies, and other street meat essentials.

Falafel Queen
Get your gyros, falafel, shawarma, kifta and other pita wrapped items at this Middle Eastern food truck that is regularly located on Broadway at Kennedy.

Faraci Foods 
As the Italian flags on this large black food trailer would indicate, Faraci Foods serves up items like Italian meatballs, Italian sausages and Italian sandwiches, along with fries and poutine (which, okay, aren’t as Italian). Faraci Foods Inc. is run by Anthony Faraci, and also includes The Pretzel Factory and The Bannock Factory (he is of Italian-Métis heritage).
204-960-EATS (3287)

Fired Up
Generally found on the 300 block of Broadway, Fired Up makes really, really good pizza to order in their wood fire oven (located inside the truck!) often utilizing locally sourced ingredients. If you see their pear, cambozola and balsamic crema pizza on the menu that day you must order it! That pie is so brilliant it should accompanied with Ryan Adams’ “Give Me Something Good.” They also sometimes do a beet and kubasa pizza with a white garlic sauce that is pretty out of control too.
Twitter: @FiredUpMobileWo

An old school food truck that seemed to be around before food trucks were a thing. They don’t do much tweeting as to their location, but they are usually found parked beside the Cube Stage in Old Market Square blaring 80s-90s rock and serving up fries, burgers and such.
Twitter: @GoldiesFries

Greek Town
The only disadvantage of a Greek food truck is that after your meal you can’t start shooting ouzo and breaking plates while someone rocks out on a bouzouki. Their nifty Mediterranean blue food truck is adorned with white pillars while inside only Manitoban farmed ingredients are used to make staples like gyros (pronounced yer-ros, not gy-rows Seinfield!), souvlaki, baklava and lemon soup. They even grill over an open charcoal pit for added flavour points.
Twitter: @GreekTownWpg
Instagram: @GreekTownWpg

Habanero Sombrero
Authentic tacos like you’d get down south featuring slow braised meats on six inch corn tortillas topped with queso fresco and pico de gallo. We’re big fans of their carnitas tacos, while their homemade salsas are also good times. They also get bonus points for having the sauciest Twitter account for a food truck. Check them out at 325 Broadway.
Twitter: @habsombrero

Half Moon
This mobile extension of the Lockport drive inn specializes in a diggity dog and other diner fare and can be found at festivals and events around Winnipeg (full summer schedule here).
Facebook: (Lockport restaurant)
E-mail: (private bookings and special events)

Healthy Eats
Arguably the lengthiest food truck menu in the city, Healthy Eats specializes in everything from salads, to wraps, to fruit and yogurt parfaits, to the Bifana (a spicy Portuguese pork chop sandwich). Normally located at 387 Broadway and very active on Twitter.
Twitter: @Healthyeatswpg

Hot Rod’s Filipino Grill
Rodolfo “Hot Rod” Cantiveros has some serious street cred, having recently been featured in a Vice Munchies episode on Winnipeg’s food scene (link here… language warning!). His Hot Rod food cart specializes in longanisa (sweet Filipino sausage) and other Filipino specialties.

Iggy’s Family Doener (Steinbach and Winnipeg)
Since 2014 Iggy (Igor Georgijevic, who easily is one of the most interesting men in Manitoba) and his wife Candice have been serving up German-style döner like you’d get after the bar in Berlin, with slow roast chicken cut from a spit and a tangy cabbage salad served on homemade thin bread pockets. They are opening their own storefront soon in Steinbach, while this summer they will mainly be in Winnipeg at the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market. We love these guys.

Island Fusion
Authentic Trini food and other Caribbean numbers like Jamaican patties that will take your tastebuds to the tropics. Last year their jerk sliders, which featured jerk pork and slaw in between fried plantains, had a great showing during Food Truck Wars taking Gold for “most original.” They also tend to rock out fun dancehall jams when their truck rolls up which adds extensively to the island atmosphere this fun food truck creates.

KYU Grill
These dudes took the People’s Choice title at 2015’s ManyFest Food Truck Wars (their lineup was seemingly 50 people deep at all times) with their robatayaki-inspired skewered sandwiches. It’s a bit like Vancouver’s legendary Japadog, but with way more toppings – like nori, fried panko, scallions, mango sauce, kewpie mayo and other salty/sweet things. Often found at 333 Broadway.
Twitter: @kyugrill

Lemon Train
A dual purpose truck that specializes in lemonade and mini doughnuts.
*Sorry, they do not have social media that we can find

Little Bones Wingery
These bold folks are certainly not chicken when it comes to making big flavours fly. They’ve done more things to wings than you can imagine, from Alfredo sauce, to “poutinerized,” to pineapple curry. This year they’ve scored what appears to be a regular sweet spot in front of Millennium Library Square, but they also get around so please check their Twitter.
Twitter: @LittleBonesWingery
Instagram: @littleboneswings

This old school truck has stood the test of time, having been one of the city’s original food trucks dishing out burgers (with fried onions), fries and various other comfort food items. Look for the white truck with red trim and fun food food pics at 333 Broadway.

Olybees Kitchen
Another seemingly brand new food truck this year, Olybees has an eclectic menu featuring items like fish tacos, Cuban sandwiches, and burger variations — including one topped off with mango salsa. Heck, he even does breakfast. Owner/chef Oliver Block is also a skydiver (so bonus points) while he also mainly uses local ingredients (two more bonus points). And, if that wasn’t enough, he is also a fan of Phillips Brewery — which is one of my favourite breweries in Canada (so he gets a total of three bonus points, which is a lot). We’ve been seeing him at Hargrave, just off Broadway.
Twitter: @olybeekitchen

Pimp My Rice
Fun Filipino food from the food truck with possibly the Best. Name. Ever. Need we say more? Okay, how about be sure to try the adobo wings, and that Pimp My Rice took the title of “best bang for your buck” at ManyFest’s Food Truck Wars 2014. The owners Helene and Roddy are awesome, and last month they opened up a new Filipino restaurant at 637 Corydon called Bisita — which does mean you won’t see the Pimp My Rice mobile as frequently as before.
Twitter: @pimpmyriceinc

The Pretzel Factory
Like its brother The Bannock Factory, this food trailer by Faraci Foods has a rather sharp looking log cabin facade that is painted gold-yellow (much like its pretzels). Gourmet pretzels are the name of the game here, with flavours including Italian and Greek.
204-960-EATS (3287)

Pop Cart
Gourmet popsicles are the new thing. These innovative frozen pops come in a huge variety of flavours utilizing fresh herbs and hand squeezed juices. The owners, Angela & Alana, have established a devout following of fans after one summer on the streets of Winnipeg (you can also get them in some stores). Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to see where you can find their push-powered carts.
Twitter: @popcartwpg
Instagram: @popcartwpg

Poutine King
15 kinds of gourmet poutine — along with a new smoked meat sandwich — all served on fries that are right on the money. You can find this guy’s fries regularly at 355 Portage Ave, while he also opened up a new stand called Waffle King — which serves Hong Kong style waffles — that he often has in tow for festivals and events.
Twitter: @poutine_king

The Red Ember
A perennial favourite during Food Truck Wars at ManyFest and on any given lunch hour at Broadway right by the Legislative Building and the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market. Their ever-rotating roster of wood-fired pizzas are incredible — making for impressive lines at this massive truck (at last count it was the second largest food truck in North America, and owner/chef Steffen Zinn built it with his own hands, having converted a shipping container) . Their crust — made from organic wheat milled in Elie, MB — is spectacular, while they also use only locally preserved heirloom tomatoes, ethically raised heritage meats, and herbs and vegetables that they grow on the Zinn family farm. Just an all-round winner.
Twitter: @theredember

Simba Safari Grill
Representing foods from all over Africa (particularly the Serengeti), Simba specializes in grilled meats and ugali.

Sis and Me
The original food truck on the streets of Winnipeg, Sis and Me has officially been in business for 21 years now(!), operating on the corner of Broadway at Kennedy. They do all the standards from dogs, to burgers, to fries.

Smokin’ Haut
This food truck from Altona’s Pioneer Meat (“The Original Farmers Sausage”) specializes in elevated Mennonite comfort food (for instance, last year at Food Truck Wars they took second in originality with their over the top Mennonite poutine, which was as rich as it gets with farmers’ sausage and white gravy). The extensive menu features fancy grilled cheeses, burgers, perogies (with the added bonus of making their own meats at the shop in Altona) along with lighter fare like a watermelon salad.
Twitter: @smokinhaut

Stuff It
This crazy crew hollows out baguettes, then stuffs them with a ridiculous amount of good things and serves them out of a slick red truck featuring a rather badass knife and fork yielding baguette mascot. Bring your appetite and your A game to their regular location at 360 Portage Avenue.
Twitter: @stuffitfoods

Tokyo Rabbit
“Sweets from the streets of Japan” is how Tokyo Rabbit rolls (co-owner Hiro is from Japan), with creamy fruity crepes, katsu sando (fried pork sandwiches with shredded lettuce and a sinus clearing sauce), and mini Japanese cheesecakes, tarts and teas.
Twitter: @TheTokyoRabbit
204-712-6576 or 204-712-6587

Tot Wheels
I can’t lie, I’m not a big fan of cars, but I am a huge fan of homemade car-themed tater tots. There is no way Napoleon Dynamite could have hoarded these tots in his pockets; they are so delicious that you have to eat them right away, while they are sauced and heavily topped with delicious ingredients like kalbi and kimchi, or local vegetables and slow braised meats. Chef/owner Darryl Crumb also had a strong showing on Top Chef Canada (season one), while their Outback, featuring barbecued shrimp, took top honours at last year’s Food Truck Wars for “best presentation” (I also had it at number one for taste). You can find them daily at 275 Broadway.
Twitter: @totwheelswpg

Up South Barbeque
This truck is huge and slick looking, with a faux wood panel exterior along with two separate window sections for ordering and pickup. They smoke their meat (brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage and pulled pork) using apple wood and hickory and sell it by the pound. They also do classic southern sides like gumbo, mac n’ cheese, and slaw. Look for them mainly at festivals and industrial parks, while you can also have them cater events.
Twitter: @upsouthbarbeque

Waki Temaki
This sushi-focused food truck from Yujiro — which is easily one of the best, if not the best Japanese restaurant in Winnipeg — serves super fresh, inventive rolls, sushi burritos and rice bowls. It also just made Food Network Canada’s list of 12 Food Trucks to try this summer.
Twitter: @Waki_temaki

The Walleye Wagon
This truck immediately gets bonus points for referring to the correct name of the fish species it serves (pickerel is a form of pike, and not what you are eating on restaurant menus — here’s a nice chart for your reference) while the panko breaded and fried walleye is itself pretty good. It sells them in one and two piece options along with home cut fries and tartar sauce, and it normally can be found on the summer festival circuit.

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